US Patent No. 10,693,239


Patent No. 10,693,239
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Hdtv Antenna Assemblies
Inventorship John Edwin Ross, III, Moab, UT (US)
Richard E. Schneider, Wildwood, MO (US)
Assignee Antennas Direct, Inc., Ellisville, MO (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,693,239

1. A high definition television antenna assembly configured to be operable for receiving VHF high definition television signals and UHF high definition television signals, the high definition television antenna assembly comprising:a first antenna element having a generally annular shape with an opening and first and second end portions; and
a second antenna element including first and second arms spaced apart from the first antenna element and extending at least partially along portions of the first antenna element;
wherein the first and second antenna elements are substantially coplanar; and
wherein each of the first and second arms includes a bottom portion, an upwardly extending portion generally perpendicular to the bottom portion, a rounded end portion between the upwardly extending portion and a concave portion that extends from the rounded end portion generally under the first antenna element.