US Patent No. 10,690,594


Patent No. 10,690,594
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Optical Sensing Device And Method In A Liquid Treatment System
Inventorship Johann Rudi Strickler, Milwaukee, WI (US)
Jose Antonio Ramirez, Vernon Hills, IL (US)
Assignee OptikTechnik LLC, Milwaukee, WI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,690,594

1. An optical sensing and control device comprising:a light source emitting a light beam;
an optical component in communication with the light beam to receive the light beam from the light source, the optical component driven by a motor for the optical component to rotate about an axis relative to the light beam;
a control assembly in communication with the motor to rotate the optical component at a selected plurality of revolutions per minute about the axis such that the optical component is configured to move the light beam in a plane, the plane extending into an area such that the light beam interacts with particles in the area producing a scattering of the light beam; and
a photodetector in communication with the particles within the plane, the photodetector configured to generate image data in response to the scattering of the light beam while the optical component is driven about the axis.