US Patent No. 10,690,592


Patent No. 10,690,592
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Haploid Seed Classification Using Single Seed Near-infrared Spectroscopy
Inventorship Andrew M. Settles, Gainesville, FL (US)
Jeffery Lynn Gustin, II, Gainesville, FL (US)
Assignee University of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated, Gainesville, FL (...

Claim of US Patent No. 10,690,592

1. A method of sorting haploid seeds, comprising:providing a population of seeds to be sorted, each seed being either a haploid seed or a diploid-hybrid seed;
providing an apparatus comprising a light source and a spectrometer capable of examining each seed individually;
illuminating each seed with light generated by the light source;
acquiring at least one spectrum of each seed;
processing the at least one spectrum of each seed using computer software with user-determined parameters and storing the data in a data matrix;
calibrating a regression model based on a portion of the data matrix that excludes a selected genotype of seeds, the genotype being considered a held-out genotype;
cross-validating the regression model by holding out each genotype present in the population of seeds and repeating the classification step; and
classifying a randomly sampled seed using the validated model.