US Patent No. 10,688,894


Patent No. 10,688,894
Issue Date June 23, 2020
Title Recliner Sofa System For Economy Class Seat
Inventorship Rodolfo Nevarez, Chihuahua (MX)
David Morales, Chihuahua (MX)
Daniel Chavarria, Chihuahua (MX)
Jose Madrigal, Chihuahua (MX)
Mario Herrera, Chihuahua (MX)
Teresa Antillon, Chihuahua (MX)
Foek Le, Arlington, TX (US)
Assignee Safran Seats USA LLC, Gainesville, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,688,894

7. A passenger seat assembly comprising:a seat back assembly comprising a frame supporting an upper back support and a lower back support, wherein the lower back support is movable relative to the upper back support between a stowed position and a deployed position;
a seat base assembly comprising a support and a seat base, wherein the seat base is movable relative to the support between a stowed position and a deployed position,
wherein the seat base in the deployed position and the lower back support in the deployed position together define an opening through the frame; and a covering member connecting the lower back support of the seat back assembly with the seat base, and wherein the covering member at least partially defines a foot cavity when the seat base and lower back support are both in the deployed position.