US Patent No. 10,660,238


Patent No. 10,660,238
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title Electrically Insulating Thermal Connector Having A Low Thermal Resistivity
Inventorship Scott B. Durgin, Jasksonville, FL (US)
Assignee AVX Corporation, Fountain Inn, SC (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,660,238

1. A surface mount thermal connector comprising:an electrically insulating beam having a first end face at a first end and a second end face at a second end, the second end face opposite the first end face in an X direction, the beam having a width in a Y direction perpendicular to the X direction, the beam having a top face and a bottom face which is offset from the top face in a Z direction, the Z direction being perpendicular to each of the X and Y directions;
a first terminal attached to the bottom face and adjacent the first end;
a second terminal attached to the top face and adjacent the first end; and
a conductive trace formed on the electrically insulating beam and configured to provide electrical tuning;
wherein the connector has an overall thickness in the Z direction, including the first and second terminals, which is greater than 1.27 mm and less than 3.81 mm.