US Patent No. 10,659,423


Patent No. 10,659,423
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title System And Method For Modifying A Domain Name System Template
Inventorship Nitin Gupta, Mountain View, CA (US)
Rahul Mahajan, San Francisco, CA (US)
Richard Merdinger, Iowa City, IA (US)
John Patrick Roling, Marion, IA (US)
Karen Trueblood Munoz, Scottsdale, AZ (US)
Steven Louis Wiesenthal, Phoenix, AZ (US)
Assignee Go Daddy Operating Company, LLC, Scottsdale, AZ (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,659,423

1. A method, comprising:receiving an electronic signal encoding a request containing a modification to a respective domain name system (DNS) template of a plurality of DNS templates from a user, the plurality of DNS templates being stored in a DNS template database;
wherein the respective DNS template comprises one or more variables establishing DNS settings;
accessing the DNS template database to modify the respective DNS template according to a request containing the modification to create a modified DNS template;
identifying a plurality of domain names having respective DNS records associated with the respective DNS template;
wherein each domain name of the plurality of domain names is configured according to the DNS settings established by the one or more variables of the respective DNS template; and
for a domain name in the plurality of domain names:
identifying a variable in the modified DNS template,
replacing the variable in the modified DNS template with the domain name to generate a domain name specific DNS template, and
accessing a DNS record database to at least one of modify and create a DNS record for the domain name using the domain name specific DNS template.