US Patent No. 10,659,421


Patent No. 10,659,421
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title Messaging Centre For Forwarding E-mail
Inventorship Ari Backholm, Los Altos, CA (US)
Seppo Salorinne, Helsinki (FI)
Antti Saarilahti, Helsinki (FI)
Marko Ketonen, Helsinki (FI)
Lauri Vuornos, Helsinki (FI)
Petri Salmi, Espoo (FI)
Assignee Seven Networks, LLC, Marshall, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,659,421

1. A first mobile device comprising:a radio configured to communicate over a cellular access network;
a processor; and
memory containing instructions executable by the processor whereby the first mobile device is operable for:
authenticating the first mobile device for access to a messaging account;
optically receiving a displayed service activation code from a second device;
registering the second device for access to the messaging account based on the displayed service activation code;
receiving a message for the messaging account;
encrypting the message using an encryption key; and
sending the encrypted message wirelessly to the second device, wherein the first mobile device is authenticated to access the messaging account prior to optically receiving the displayed service activation code.