US Patent No. 10,659,008


Patent No. 10,659,008
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title Multiplexer, Transmitting Device, And Receiving Device
Inventorship Noriyoshi Ota, Nagaokakyo (JP)
Sunao Yamazaki, Nagaokakyo (JP)
Assignee Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Kyoto (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,659,008

1. A multiplexer that transmits and receives a plurality of high frequency signals via an antenna element, comprising:an antenna connection terminal provided on a first surface of a substrate and connected to the antenna element; and
at least three acoustic wave filters mounted on a second surface of the substrate opposing the first surface; wherein
the at least three acoustic wave filters have mutually different pass bands;
the at least three acoustic wave filters are connected to a common connection terminal;
a first inductance element is connected in a connection path between the antenna connection terminal and the common connection terminal;
each of the at least three acoustic wave filters includes, on a piezoelectric substrate, at least one of a serial arm resonator connected between an input terminal and an output terminal, and a parallel arm resonator connected between a reference terminal and a connection path connecting the input terminal and the output terminal;
the input terminal or the output terminal is connected to, among a plurality of terminals provided on the piezoelectric substrate, an antenna terminal connected to the antenna connection terminal;
the at least three acoustic wave filters include at least one first acoustic wave filter and at least one second acoustic wave filter located at a farther position from the antenna connection terminal than a position of the first acoustic wave filter in a plan view of the substrate; and
among the plurality of terminals, a terminal located at a closest position to the antenna connection terminal in the plan view of the substrate is connected to the second acoustic wave filter as the antenna terminal.