US Patent No. 10,656,274


Patent No. 10,656,274
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title Onscene Command Vision
Inventorship Andrew James England, Harvest, AL (US)
Laura Beth Ezzell, Vestavia Hills, AL (US)
Thomas Overfield, Huntsville, AL (US)
Renz Angelo Santos, Huntsville, AL (US)
Edward Michael Sieja, Madison, AL (US)
Charles Carlton Barnes, Huntsville, AL (US)
Assignee Intergraph Corporation, Madison, AL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,656,274

1. A system for identifying the location of an agent within an interior of a building, the system comprising:a location receiver configured to obtain locator information from the agent, the locator information indicating the location of the agent relative to a reference frame;
a model receiver configured to procure a 3D model of the interior of the building;
a correlator configured to correlate the 3D model to the reference frame, to produce a correlated location representing the location of the agent within the building;
a rendering module configured to render a 3D image from the 3D model and correlated location, the 3D image including an avatar representing the agent at the correlated location within the 3D image; and
a 3D display device in communication with the rendering module, the 3D display device configured to receive and display, to a user, the 3D image.