US Patent No. 10,655,381


Patent No. 10,655,381
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title Locking Device And Opening And Closing Mechanism Having The Same
Inventorship Hui Liu, Qingdao (CN)
Kun Wang, Qingdao (CN)
Kai Chen, Qingdao (CN)
He Zhang, Qingdao (CN)
Quan Liu, Qingdao (CN)
Hui Huang, Qingdao (CN)
Xudong Liu, Qingdao (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,655,381

1. An opening and closing mechanism comprising a locking device, a baseplate, a fairing, a support arm, and a powered push cylinder, wherein:the locking device comprises:
a casing, the casing comprising a first end having a hole and a second end having an opening;
a rod provided within the casing, wherein the rod passes through the hole and extends out of the casing such that a first end portion of the rod is positioned outside the casing, and a fastener is provided on the on the first end portion;
a raised member located outside the casing and provided at a second end portion of the rod, the raised member having a diameter greater than a diameter of the opening, and a gap being formed between the raised member and the casing, wherein when the raised member moves relative to the casing along an axial direction of the rod, a dimension of the gap changes;
a spring sleeved on the rod, wherein when the gap is reduced to zero, the spring on the rod is in a compressed state; and
a first shaft provided on the raised member; and a second shaft provided on the casing adjacent to the first end of the casing;
the locking device is rotatably mounted on the baseplate by the second shaft;
a third shaft is provided on the baseplate; a first end of the support arm is rotatably sleeved on the third shaft, and a second end of the support arm is connected to the fairing by a fairing mounting base;
a sliding groove in which the first shaft of the locking device is slidably located is formed on the support arm; the locking device is connected to a piston rod of the powered push cylinder, such that the piston rod can push the locking device to rotate with respect to the baseplate, and the first shaft slides in the sliding groove to cause the support arm to push the fairing mounting base to open or close the fairing; and
the opening and closing mechanism is further provided with a closed-state limit stop to prevent the fairing from moving beyond a closing position and an open-state limit stop to prevent the fairing from moving beyond a maximal opening position.