US Patent No. 10,655,295


Patent No. 10,655,295
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title Clamping Adapter And Methods For Sonic Pile Driving
Inventorship Edwin Sprout, Walker, WV (US)
James Savinkoff, Reno, OH (US)
Assignee Terra Sonic International, LLC, Marietta, OH (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,655,295

13. A method of coupling a drill head to a member, the member including a first wall, the method comprising:selectively attaching the drill head to an upper attachment portion of an adapter, the adapter including a lower housing portion having a first outer wall and further including at least one actuator having a first portion slidably mounted to the lower housing portion and further having a second portion configured to expand from the first portion in a direction perpendicular to the first outer wall;
positioning the adapter over the member such that the first wall is received between the second portion and the first outer wall; and
activating the at least one actuator such that the second portion expands away from the first portion toward the first wall and clamps the first wall against the first outer wall.