US Patent No. 10,655,291


Patent No. 10,655,291
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title Real-time Monitoring System For Float-over Installation
Inventorship Jianmin Yang, Shanghai (CN)
Xin Li, Shanghai (CN)
Xinliang Tian, Shanghai (CN)
Xiaoxian Guo, Shanghai (CN)
Tao Peng, Shanghai (CN)
Assignee Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,655,291

1. A real-time monitoring system for float-over installation, comprising: a shooting collection system and a real-time processing and displaying system; the shooting collection system comprises a CCD camera and a high light-reflecting landmark, the CCD camera is connected to a processing computer by means of a Gigabit network for transmitting collected graphic information to the real-time processing and displaying system; the real-time processing and displaying system comprises the processing computer and a real-time processing software, the processing computer and the real-time processing software display, analyze and store graphic signals in real time, and calculate the relative position between a leg mating unit and a stabbing cone in real time;wherein the CCD camera is a high-precision fixed-focus camera, placed at a position opposite to the leg, and transmits data and realizes remote control via the Gigabit network;
wherein the high light-reflecting landmark is made of a light-absorbing cloth and a diamond grade light-reflecting material; a distance from a center of the light-reflecting landmark to an uppermost end of the leg mating unit is measured: the processing computer and the real-time processing software can display and record the horizontal and vertical relative distances of components in real time;
wherein the real-time processing software calculates the relative position between the leg mating unit and the stabbing cone with a determined proportional relationship for a shot photograph by method of close-range photogrammetry, and can display the on-site practical situation in real time; the real-time processing software possesses the following functions: camera parameter verification, image calibration, camera control, real-time displaying and recording of collected images, real-time displaying and recording of 2D movement and relative distance of the components.