US Patent No. 10,655,283


Patent No. 10,655,283
Issue Date May 19, 2020
Title Method Of Determining The Quality Of A Newly Produced Asphalt Pavement
Inventorship Conny Andersson, Bollebygd (SE)
Assignee CA KONSULT, Bollebygd (SE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,655,283

1. A method to determine the quality of an asphalt pavement, the method comprising the steps of:a) providing and initializing at least one sensor connected to a processor arrangement comprising at least one processor connected to at least one memory, for recording at least the temperature values (Tn), time (t) and/or position (X) momentarily for the entire width (W) of an asphalt pavement in connection with its production along a pavement path (X);
b) scanning and registering a number (P) individual temperature ranges (Tin) for a number (P) of the section ranges (?X?) in a section (?X);
c) compiling said temperature ranges (Tin) in said section (?X) distributed along said width (W);
d) determining and storing in said memory an average temperature range (Tim) presenting an average temperature range (Tim) for the said number (P) of compiled temperature ranges (Tin) distributed along said width (W) of said section (?X); and
e) repeating steps b) to d) until all of said pavement distance (X) is produced, wherein said stored average temperature ranges (Tim), in said memory, are processed by said processor determining a quality value (V) for said pavement distance (X) based on a relationship value (PDIn) which is related to the dispersion of the average temperature ranges (Tim) widthwise of said path (X), wherein said quality determining comprises the following steps;
f) determining and storing a temperature average value (Tm) for each of said average temperature ranges (Tim), and
g) determining and storing the relative distance (R) to the average temperature (Tm) of sub-values (?TIi?) obtained by dividing each average temperature range (Tin) within each section (?X) into said sub-values (?TIi?).