US Patent No. 10,638,629


Patent No. 10,638,629
Issue Date April 28, 2020
Title On Board Transceiver Assembly Having Hold Down Member
Inventorship John P. Thompson, Etters, PA (US)
Assignee FCI USA LLC, Etters, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,638,629

1. An electrical assembly comprising:a substrate comprising an array of contact locations disposed on a surface of the substrate;
a hold down member having a substantially flat mounting surface that is configured to be mounted directly to the surface of the substrate, such that the hold down member extends out from the surface of the substrate;
an interposer mounted to the surface of the substrate and configured to be mated to an electronic component, wherein the interposer comprises electrical contacts comprising mounting ends and mating ends, the mounting ends being mounted to respective ones of the contact locations, the mating ends being configured to mate with complementary electrical contacts of the electronic component when the interposer is mated to the electronic component; and
the interposer comprises a face, facing the surface of the substrate, and the face comprises apertures receiving mounting ends of the electrical contacts of the interposer and solder balls;
the hold down member is configured to attach to a fastener that couples the electronic component to the interposer; and
the hold down member is exposed in the face of the interposer such that the substantially flat mounting surface of the hold down member is positioned for surface mount soldering to the surface of the substrate when the solder balls are fused to the contact locations on the surface of the substrate.