US Patent No. 10,615,524


Patent No. 10,615,524
Issue Date April 07, 2020
Title Electrical Cable Assembly
Inventorship Charles M. Gross, Etters, PA (US)
Assignee FCI USA LLC, Etters, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,615,524

1. An electrical cable assembly comprising:at least one electrical cable including at least one electrical conductor, at least one electrically conductive jacket that at least partially surrounds at least a length of the at least one electrical conductor, and at least one drain wire that extends out from the at least one electrically conductive jacket; and
at least one electrically conductive interposer having a first end that is mounted to a substrate, and a second end offset from the first end along a longitudinal direction, wherein a second surface at the second end is configured to be mounted to the electrical conductor,
wherein the interposer comprises a first surface that is mounted to the substrate at the first end, and a second surface opposite the first surface with respect to a transverse direction that is substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, and the at least one interposer defines an offset between the first and second ends along a direction defined from the second surface toward the first surface.