US Patent No. 10,602,640


Patent No. 10,602,640
Issue Date March 24, 2020
Title Memory Coolers
Inventorship Pinche Tsai, Houston, TX (US)
Minh Nguyen, Houston, TX (US)
David A. Selvidge, Houston, TX (US)
Assignee Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP, Houston, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,602,640

1. A memory cooler, comprising:a body comprising two pieces that are moveable relative to one another, wherein each piece of the body comprises:
an inlet manifold to receive liquid coolant from a liquid coolant supply line;
an outlet manifold to return the liquid coolant to the liquid coolant supply line; and
a plurality of cold plates extending between the inlet manifold and the outlet manifold such that the liquid coolant is to flow from the inlet manifold to the outlet manifold through interior channels of the cold plates, wherein the plurality of cold plates of a first piece of the body are interleaved with the plurality of cold plates of a second piece of the body such that slots to receive memory modules are defined between adjacent pairs of cold plates.