US Patent No. 10,602,600


Patent No. 10,602,600
Issue Date March 24, 2020
Title High Voltage Power Supply Casing
Inventorship Ricky B. Steck, West Jordan, UT (US)
Gordon Ernest Smith, Sandy, UT (US)
Eric Miller, Provo, UT (US)
David S. Hoffman, Draper, UT (US)
Assignee Moxtek, Inc., Orem, UT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,602,600

1. An x-ray source comprising:an x-ray tube configured to emit x-rays;
a power supply, including a voltage multiplier, electrically coupled to the x-ray tube;
a housing enclosing at least a portion of the x-ray tube and the power supply including the voltage multiplier, the housing comprising a material having an atomic number of ?42 and a thermal conductivity of ?3 W/(m*K).