US Patent No. 10,602,571


Patent No. 10,602,571
Issue Date March 24, 2020
Title Heat Treatment Method For Cam Piece
Inventorship Hiroki Tateishi, Toyota (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,602,571

1. A heat treatment method for a cam piece, the cam piece configuring an assembly-type cam shaft, the cam piece including an insertion hole into which a shaft configuring the assembly-type cam shaft is inserted, a base portion configuring a base circle of a cam, and a nose portion having a greater wall thickness from the insertion hole to an outer circumferential surface than that of the base portion, the nose portion configuring a cam ridge, the heat treatment method comprising:a first step of using a jig formed into a shape having a cavity inside a cylinder of the jig, the cavity being located between a central axis and the outer circumferential surface, the jig being inserted into the insertion hole of the cam piece in such a manner that the cavity is located between an inner circumferential surface in the nose portion of the cam piece and the central axis of the jig, and the jig comes into contact with the inner circumferential surface that defines the insertion hole; and
a second step of heating the cam piece from the outer circumferential surface by high-frequency induction heating in a state in which the jig is inserted in the insertion hole of the cam piece.