US Patent No. 10,602,556


Patent No. 10,602,556
Issue Date March 24, 2020
Title Displaying Information Based On Wireless Ranging
Inventorship James H. Foster, Oxford (GB)
Duncan R. Kerr, San Francisco, CA (US)
Assignee Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,602,556

1. A wireless communication device implemented method for locating an object, comprising:by the wireless communication device operated by a user:
receiving a transmission comprising an anonymous identifier associated with an object located proximate to the wireless communication device in a wireless personal area network (WPAN) or a wireless local area network (WLAN), the transmission transmitted from the object to the wireless communication device using a WPAN communication protocol or a WLAN communication protocol;
determining a range and a direction of the object from the wireless communication device, wherein the range and the direction are determined, at least in part, using a wireless ranging operation that is initiated in response to receiving the transmission; and
presenting output information that indicates a location of the object based at least in part on the range and the direction.