US Patent No. 10,599,655


Patent No. 10,599,655
Issue Date March 24, 2020
Title Universal Parsing Framework Systems And Methods
Inventorship Phil Hanson, Richardson, TX (US)
Kris Loia, Richardson, TX (US)
Assignee OPEN TEXT GXS ULC, Halifax (CA)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,599,655

1. A method, comprising:receiving an input stream from an application; the receiving performed by a parsing framework embodied on a non-transitory computer-readable medium and having an observerable/inversion of control (IOC) layer, a parser controller layer, and a layer of parser implementations, the IOC layer, the parser controller layer, or a combination thereof structurally insulating the layer of parser implementations from the application, wherein control of parsing the input stream is inverted from the application to the parsing framework;
determining, by a parser controller at the parser controller layer based at least in part on a format of the input stream, a parser at the layer of the parser implementations;
instantiating, by the parser controller, the parser determined by the parser controller;
parsing, by the parser determined by the parser controller, the input stream;
determining, by an observer manager at the IOC layer, which observer or observers of the application is or are to be notified of an outcome from the parsing by the parser at the layer of parser implementations;
generating, by the observer manager, a parsing notification; and
dispatching, by the observer manager, the parsing notification directly to any or all of the observers determined by the observer manager to be notified of the outcome from the parsing by the parser at the layer of parser implementations.