US Patent No. 10,599,632


Patent No. 10,599,632
Issue Date March 24, 2020
Title Domain Name Registration And Management
Inventorship Cedarampattu Mohan, Horsham, PA (US)
Jimmy Lam, Toronto (CA)
Hui Zhou, Toronto (CA)
James Galvin, Horsham, PA (US)
Michael Runcieman, Toronto (CA)
Howard Eland, Horsham, PA (US)
Assignee AFILIAS PLC, Dublin (IE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,599,632

1. A method for synchronizing management of a plurality of domain names in a Domain Name System (DNS), which comprises:receiving a request from a domain name registrant for an action as an operation on an object unique to a domain name of the DNS, the domain name having synchronized objects with another domain name being stored as a domain name bundle including the domain name in a domain name database, the domain name bundle having a domain name bundle;
changing the object in the domain name database according to the action;
obtaining a list of domain names contained in the domain name bundle, the domain name bundle associated with the domain name;
identifying the another domain name in the domain name bundle by inspecting the list of domain names, the domain name bundle being separate from the request;
requesting a change to a corresponding object to the object for the another domain name with the action in order to propagate the operation performed on the object to the corresponding object based on said identifying the other domain name in the domain name bundle, such that the domain name bundle includes the domain name, the corresponding object being unique to the another domain name;
including the operation in a transaction log containing all operations executed on the object of the domain name and the corresponding object of the another domain name of the domain name bundle, the domain name identified in the transaction log by a first domain name ID and the another domain name identified in the transaction log by a second domain name ID; and
forwarding a reported result of the action to the domain name registrant, the object and the corresponding object representing the synchronized objects by having the same parameter value, an owner to all domain names in the domain name bundle being the domain name registrant.