US Patent No. 10,581,437


Patent No. 10,581,437
Issue Date March 03, 2020
Title Crystal Controlled Oscillator And Manufacturing Method Of Crystal Controlled Oscillator
Inventorship Hiroyasu Kunitomo, Saitama (JP)
Assignee NIHON DEMPA KOGYO CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,581,437

1. A crystal controlled oscillator, comprising:a crystal unit that contains a crystal vibrating piece resonating at a predetermined frequency;
an integrated circuit that places the crystal unit, the integrated circuit including an oscillator circuit oscillating the crystal vibrating piece; and
an insulating resin, formed to cover the crystal unit on the integrated circuit;
wherein the crystal controlled oscillator comprises:
a first layer that includes the crystal unit and the insulating resin; and
a second layer formed with the integrated circuit,
wherein the first layer and the second layer are bonded with one another, and
the crystal unit is electrically connected to the second layer via a bump, and the first layer is bonded to the second layer by a bonding material formed between the first layer and the second layer;
wherein the insulating resin in the first layer includes a via that penetrates the insulating resin,
the via is filled with a conductive filler electrically connected to an electrode pad formed in the second layer, and
a surface of the insulating resin opposite to the second layer is formed with a solder ball electrically connected to the conductive filler.