US Patent No. 10,561,002


Patent No. 10,561,002
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Method For The Operation And Expansion Of A Network Of Lights
Inventorship Didier Wellens, Kraainem (BE)
Assignee SCHREDER, Brussels (BE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,561,002

7. Method for operating a network of lights including the steps of: providing a network of lights comprising a plurality of lights, each light having a control module associated therewith, each control module comprising:one long-distance communication module,
one short-distance communication module,
a geocoordinate module,
a controller,each control module being operable for providing a control output for controlling a driver of an associated light,providing at least one server reachable via the long-distance communication module,
dividing the control modules into at least one group of control modules based on at least one of environmental, light and control module information provided by the control modules,
selecting one of the control modules of said at least one group as a group controller, with which all other control modules of this group can communicate via their short-distance communication modules,
forming a short-distance network with the control modules within the group, via their corresponding short-distance communication modules,
transmitting, during normal network operation, from the group controller to the server at least one of: its own environmental, light and control module information and the corresponding information coming from the other control modules and
defining at least one replacement group controller, and switching the at least one replacement group controller from a suspended to an active state if the current group controller fails.