US Patent No. 10,560,989


Patent No. 10,560,989
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Led Tube Lamp
Inventorship Tao Jiang, Zhejiang (CN)
Qifeng Ye, Zhejiang (CN)
Yueqiang Zhang, Zhejiang (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,560,989

1. An LED tube lamp, comprising:a tube having two ends;
an LED light strip attached to an inner circumferential surface of the tube;
a plurality of LED light sources mounted on the LED light strip;
a power supply module electrically connecting to the LED light strip and configured to drive the plurality of LED light sources; and
a first end cap and second end cap respectively attached at the two ends of the tube, each of the first and second end caps comprising a lateral wall and an end wall, the lateral wall substantially being coaxial with the tube and connecting to the tube, the end wall substantially being perpendicular to an axial direction of the lateral wall and connecting to an end of the lateral wall away from the tube,
wherein the power supply module comprises a printed circuit board and a plurality of electronic components mounted on the printed circuit board, the printed circuit board comprises a first surface and a second surface opposite to and substantially parallel to the first surface, and the first surface and the second surface of the printed circuit board are substantially parallel with the axial direction of the lateral wall;
wherein at least some of the plurality of electronic components comprise a rectifying circuit having at least two input terminals and configured to rectify signal receiving from the at least two input terminals, at least one of the plurality of electronic components comprises a filtering circuit electrically connecting to the rectifying circuit,
wherein the plurality of electronic components comprise a resistor which is positioned closest to the end wall of the first end cap and connecting to one of the input terminals of the rectifying circuit;
wherein the end wall comprises a first portion made of an insulating material.