US Patent No. 10,560,955


Patent No. 10,560,955
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Apparatus And Methods For Moving Relay Interference Mitigation In Mobile E.g. Cellular Communication Networks
Inventorship Yaakov Shoshan, Ashkelon (IL)
Adi Schwartz, Holon (IL)
Assignee ELTA SYSTEMS LTD., Ashdod (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,560,955

1. A system for multicarrier cellular communication in an LTE cellular network including a multiplicity of nodes including a plurality of moving relays, the system comprising:at an individual moving relay from among the plurality of moving relays, an rBS having downlink communication, according to an LTE protocol, with UEs served thereby; and
a co-located rRM (relay Resource Manager) having a controller; and
a scheduler;
wherein said controller is operative to induce said rBS to coordinate between schedulers in at least some of the plurality of moving relays to ensure that each user has its own time and/or frequency such that channels do not overlap because time and/or frequency are shifted to prevent said overlap,
wherein separation of different resources assigned to different nodes respectively is achieved Using a Dedicated Scheduler,
wherein at least one relay that can monitor two adjacent relays, detects when those two adjacent relays are operating in the same center frequency, and coordinates them so that one of them changes its center frequency to a free center frequency,
wherein coordination in the uplink, between different network entities is provided and wherein, in coordinating between the different schedulers the BS that the rUE is attached to is selected as the coordinator and all rUEs attached thereto are deemed coordinated clients and wherein the serving base station is configured for getting backhauling requirements in advance and allocating resources to said clients and wherein the coordinator is configured to divide resources between the coordinated clients and send the allocated resources map to the coordinated clients, and wherein the rUE's receive the allocated resource map and forward said map to the collocated base station and wherein, when a base station B receives the allocation map, base station B knows the available PDSCH RB and PUSCH RB for access and the allocated PDSCH RB and PUSCH RB for backhauling for the next N TTI and knows what PDCCH symbols are to be blanked and wherein the BS also receives, at least once, a time shift to be effected and an indication of where to place the PRACH and PUCCH channel.