US Patent No. 10,560,952


Patent No. 10,560,952
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Creating Library Of Interferers
Inventorship Amr Abdelmonem, Northbrook, IL (US)
Mikhail Galeev, Palatine, IL (US)
Dariusz Seskiewicz, Mundelein, IL (US)
Bill Myers, Buffalo Grove, IL (US)
Ted Myers, Barrington, IL (US)
Assignee ISCO International, LLC, Schaumburg, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,560,952

1. A non-transitory machine-readable medium comprising executable instructions that, when executed by a first processing system including a first processor, facilitate performance of operations, the operations comprising:determining a priority of a signal interference, the first processing system being part of a first element of a wireless communication system that facilitates communication with a mobile communication device, the wireless communication system carrying network traffic, the signal interference being in a communication signal communicated over the wireless communication system, and the determining being according to an effect of the signal interference on the network traffic;
identifying a source of the signal interference based on a comparison of the signal interference with a plurality of interference profiles of an interference profile library; and
transmitting, to a second processing system, first information indicative of the priority of the signal interference and indicative of the source of the signal interference, the second processing system including a second processor, the second processing system being part of a second element of the wireless communication system that facilitates communication with the mobile communication device, the transmitting of the first information facilitating a subsequent transmitting by the second processing system of second information to the mobile communication device, the second information being based upon the first information, the second information enabling the mobile communication device to mitigate the signal interference.