US Patent No. 10,560,903


Patent No. 10,560,903
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Communications Device, Infrastructure Equipment, Communications System And Methods
Inventorship Shin Horng Wong, Basingstoke (GB)
Martin Warwick Beale, Basingstoke (GB)
Brian Alexander Martin, Basingstoke (GB)
Shinichiro Tsuda, Basingstoke (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,560,903

1. An infrastructure equipment for transmitting data to or receiving data from one or more communications devices in a wireless communications network, the infrastructure equipment comprising:a transmitter configured to transmit signals to the one or more communications devices via a wireless access interface;
a receiver configured to receive signals from the one or more of the communications devices via the wireless access interface; and
circuitry configured to control the transmitter and a receiver to provide the wireless access interface, the wireless access interface providing communications resources arranged in time divided units of a system bandwidth providing a plurality of blocks of frequency resources, wherein
the circuitry is configured with the transmitter and the receiver to
provide one or more narrowband carriers, each carrier providing within a subband frequency bandwidth communications resources for allocation to narrow band communications devices, the subband frequency bandwidth being less than and within the system bandwidth, signals being transmitted to the narrowband communications devices via the one or more narrow band carriers in accordance with a first configuration:
receive a control message representing a request to transmit a high priority message from at least one of the narrowband communications devices; and
transmit signals on a down-link of a narrowband carrier to the at least one of the narrowband communications devices with a second configuration, wherein the first configuration includes transmitting the signals with a first power, and transmitting the signals with the second configuration includes increasing a power of the signals above the first power to a second power to reduce a time for communicating a high priority message transmitted to the at least one of the narrowband communications devices.