US Patent No. 10,560,898


Patent No. 10,560,898
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Wearable Device Location Systems
Inventorship Yu Jiang Tham, Los Angeles, CA (US)
John James Robertson, Los Angeles, CA (US)
Gerald Nilles, Culver City, CA (US)
Jason Heger, Louisville, CO (US)
Praveen Babu Vadivelu, Broomfield, CO (US)
Assignee Snap Inc., Santa Monica, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,560,898

1. A method for improving a time to first fix for location circuitry of a wearable device, the method comprising:storing, in a memory associated with a high-speed circuit of a wearable device, time to first fix support data for a location circuit of the wearable device, wherein the location circuit is separate from the high-speed circuit;
initiating a location fix operation at the wearable device while operating the location circuit of the wearable device in a location circuit low-power state comprising a real-time clock and operating the high-speed circuit of the wearable device in a high-speed circuit low-power state;
in response to initiation of the location fix operation, booting the high-speed circuit and the location circuit, and automatically communicating the time to first fix support data in the memory to the location circuit on booting the high-speed circuit;
generating location state data at the location circuit using the time to first fix support data.