US Patent No. 10,559,947


Patent No. 10,559,947
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Protective Skirt For Telecommunications Lines
Inventorship Ryan Everette Frye, Newton, NC (US)
Chad Lee German, Haslet, TX (US)
Trampus Lee Landrum, Hickory, NC (US)
Cynthia Cantu Martinez, Fort Worth, TX (US)
Fabiola Patricia Villanueva Tavares, Tamaulipas (MX)
Assignee Corning Optical Communications LLC, Charlotte, NC (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,559,947

1. A protective apparatus for telecommunication lines, comprising:a mounting frame, wherein the mounting frame comprises a sidewall having a sidewall opening;
a transition platform coupled to the mounting frame, the transition platform comprising an opening; and
a protective skirt, wherein the mounting frame, the transition platform and the protective skirt define an internal space when the protective skirt is removably coupled to the mounting frame, wherein the protective skirt comprises a cutout for allowing unobstructed access to the sidewall opening, wherein the opening of the transition platform comprises a non-enclosed shape having an open end, and wherein the open end is positional against an external wall when the mounting frame is secured to the external wall to facilitate trapping a telecommunications line between the opening and the external wall.