US Patent No. 10,559,914


Patent No. 10,559,914
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Connector Assembly
Inventorship Thierry Goossens, Herdersem (BE)
Kai Peters, Berlin (DE)
Henricus E. g. Derks, Veghel (NL)
Roland Tristan De Blieck, ET Oss (NL)
Assignee FCI USA LLC, Etters, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,559,914

1. A connector assembly, comprising:a housing;
at least one cable received through a first end of the housing;
a mating interface at a second end of the housing;
a latch rotatably attached to the housing to releasably fix the connector assembly to a terminal; and
a slider slidably attached to the latch and configured to lock and unlock the latch.