US Patent No. 10,558,532


Patent No. 10,558,532
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Recovering From A Mistaken Point-in-time Copy Restore
Inventorship Joshua J. Crawford, Tucson, AZ (US)
Paul A. Jennas, II, Tucson, AZ (US)
Jason L. Peipelman, Austin, TX (US)
Matthew J. Ward, Vail, AZ (US)
Assignee International Business Machines Corporation, Armonk, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,558,532

1. A method for undoing a point-in-time copy restore, comprising:swapping corresponding tracks between a source volume and a target volume using cache of a storage subsystem, based on an indicator being set that a track on the source volume is changed since a point-in-time copy, wherein a host and the point-in-time copy restore synchronize simultaneous access to the track using a track lock on track access, and wherein a requestor without the track lock is queued until the track lock is available; and
moving the track from the source volume to the target volume based on the indicator being unset.