US Patent No. 10,558,391


Patent No. 10,558,391
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Data Processing System And Data Processing Method
Inventorship Kyu-Sun Lee, Gyeonggi-do (KR)
Nam-Young Ahn, Gyeonggi-do (KR)
Eung-Bo Shim, Gyeonggi-do (KR)
Assignee SK hynix Inc., Gyeonggi-do (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,558,391

1. A data processing system comprising:a memory device configured to perform an operation corresponding to a command transferred from a memory controller, and output a memory data;
a data collecting device configured to collect big data by capturing the command and the memory data transferred between the memory device and the memory controller in real time and combining/integrating captured data at a predetermined time period or at every predetermined time, split the collected big data based on a predetermined unit, and transfer the split big data; and
a data processing device configured to store the split big data received from the data collecting device in block-based files in a High-Availability Distributed Object-Oriented Platform (HADOOP) distributed file system (HDFS), classify the block-based files based on a particular memory command, and process the block-based files.