US Patent No. 10,558,096


Patent No. 10,558,096
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Display Device
Inventorship Nobuyuki Ishige, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee Japan Display Inc., Minato-ku (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,558,096

1. A display device comprising:a substrate having a first surface;
the first surface has a display region having a plurality of pixels, an input section to which a signal to be supplied to the pixels is input, and a lead-out wiring section for electrically connecting the display region to the input section,
the substrate has a first side extending along a first direction, a second side positioned on the opposite side of the first side, a third side extending along a second direction that is orthogonal to the first direction and a fourth side positioned on the opposite side of the third side,
the input section and the lead-out wiring section are formed between the first side and the display region, and
the lead-out wiring section includes a first wiring layer having a plurality of first wirings, a second wiring layer having a plurality of second wirings, a third wiring layer having a plurality of third wirings, a first insulating layer is formed between the first wiring layer and the second wiring layer, a second insulating layer formed on a side opposite to a first surface of the second wiring layer, and a second insulating film is formed between the second wiring layer and the third wiring layer, and
the first wiring, the second wiring, and the third wiring are disposed parallel to each other in the lead-out wiring section.