US Patent No. 10,557,908


Patent No. 10,557,908
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Magnetic Field Monitoring Of Spiral Echo Train Imaging
Inventorship Craig H. Meyer, Charlottesville, VA (US)
John P. Mugler, III, Charlottesville, VA (US)
Samuel W. Fielden, Lewisburg, PA (US)
Gudrun Ruyters, Erlangen (DE)
Berthold Kiefer, Erlangen (DE)
Josef Pfeuffer, Erlangen (DE)
Assignee University of Virginia Patent Foundation, Charlottesville, VA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,557,908

1. A method for spiral echo train imaging of an area of interest of a subject, comprising:measuring k-space values and field dynamics corresponding to each echo of a spiral echo pulse train, using a dynamic field camera and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system,
wherein the dynamic field camera is configured to measure characteristics of fields generated by the MRI system, wherein the characteristics include at least one imperfection associated with the MRI system, and
wherein the spiral echo pulse train corresponds to a spiral trajectory scan from the MRI system that obtains magnetic resonance imaging data using a pulse sequence which applies spiral gradients in-plane with through-plane phase encoding;
generating, based on the characteristics of the fields measured by the dynamic field camera and based on the obtained magnetic resonance imaging data, a model of the k-space trajectory corresponding to each echo of the spiral echo pulse train; and
based on the generated model of the k-space trajectory, reconstructing images that correspond to the area of interest and that are compensated for the at least one imperfection associated with the MRI system.