US Patent No. 10,557,356


Patent No. 10,557,356
Issue Date February 11, 2020
Title Combined Balance Weight And Anti-rotation Key
Inventorship Daniel Edward Wines, Cincinnati, OH (US)
Harsha Prakash, Bangalore (IN)
Kandukuri Chandrashekhar, Bangalore (IN)
Assignee General Electric Company, Schenectady, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,557,356

13. A turbine section comprising:a first stage disk having a first web extending radially outwardly from a first disk bore to a first disk rim,
first blade dovetail slots disposed through the first disk rim, first stage blades secured by their dovetail roots in the first blade dovetail slots,
an annular face plate mounted to the first stage disk by radially inner and outer bayonet connections at radially inner and outer peripheries of the face plate respectively,
the face plate including a blade retaining outer rim that contacts the first stage blades for axially retaining the first stage blades in the first blade dovetail slots,
the face plate including a plate web extending radially outwardly from a plate bore to the blade retaining outer rim of the face plate and defining, at least in part, a cooling airflow path to the dovetail slots between the face plate and the first stage disk,
the inner and outer bayonet connections connecting and securing the face plate to the first stage disk near the first web radially outwardly of the first disk bore and to the first disk rim of the first stage disk respectively,
the inner bayonet connection including a plurality of radially outwardly extending tabs attached to the first stage disk engaging radially inwardly extending tabs extending inwardly from the inner periphery around the plate bore,
a key inserted in a key space between at least one pair of the circumferentially aligned outwardly and inwardly extending tabs,
the key including complimentary upper and lower blocks shaped to be inserted one at a time into the key space, the upper block including longitudinally or axially spaced apart upwardly extending forward and aft lugs and a radially inwardly extending upper stop lug at an aft end of the upper block, and
the space and the combined or assembled upper and lower blocks being not round in cross-section for preventing rotation of the key in the key space.