US Patent No. 10,540,101


Patent No. 10,540,101
Issue Date January 21, 2020
Title Transmit Buffer Device For Operations Using Asymmetric Data Widths
Inventorship William Brad Matthews, San Jose, CA (US)
Patrick James Bourke, San Bruno, CA (US)
Puneet Agarwal, Cupertino, CA (US)
Michael John Filardo, Los Gatos, CA (US)
Mohammad Kamel Issa, Los Altos, CA (US)
Avinash Gyanendra Mani, San Jose, CA (US)
Assignee Innovium, Inc., San Jose, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,540,101

1. A device, comprising:a packing unit;
a buffer manager; and
a plurality of aggregated port buffers each coupled to receive output from the packing unit;
the packing unit is configured to:
receive, from an aggregated packet processor, packet data as input segments of a first size, wherein the aggregated packet processor is configured to receive packet data from an external source and segment the packet data into the input segments for forwarding to the packing unit;
generate, from one or more input segments, storage units of a second size; and
for each storage unit:
receive information from the buffer manager identifying a particular aggregated port buffer from the plurality of aggregated port buffers for storing the storage unit, and
write the storage unit to particular aggregated port buffer; and
the buffer manager is configured to:
for each storage unit, select, from the plurality of aggregated port buffers, a particular aggregated port buffer, and send information to the buffer manager for writing the storage unit to the particular aggregated port buffer;
monitor availability of storage space in the aggregated port buffers;
based on the availability of storage space, control reception of input segments at the device; and
manage transmission of the storage units from the aggregated port buffers to one or more external destinations as output segments of a third size.