US Patent No. 10,536,623


Patent No. 10,536,623
Issue Date January 14, 2020
Title Imaging Device With An Improved Autofocusing Performance
Inventorship Arjen Van Der Sijde, Aachen (DE)
Assignee Lumileds LLC, San Jose, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,536,623

1. An imaging device comprising an image sensor to record image data from a scene, an imaging lens arranged in a light path between an aperture of the imaging device and the image sensor, an infrared light source to illuminate the scene, and an infrared autofocus system for automatically moving the imaging lens in order to set the image sensor in a focus, wherein the image sensor comprises an array of sensor pixels each arranged as dual pixel comprising two separate pixel sensors per dual pixel to record the image data as a sum signal from both pixel sensors by the image sensor and providing infrared data as individual signals from each of the two pixel sensors to the autofocus system for phase contrast autofocusing, wherein an infrared filter is arranged in the light path between the aperture and the imaging sensor, wherein the filter is adapted to filter all light directed towards the imaging sensor, wherein the infrared filter comprises at least one first area arranged as infrared blocking area and at least one second area arranged as infrared bandpass area, and wherein only a portion of the infrared light passing through said at least second area is transmitted along the light path to the imaging sensor.