US Patent No. 10,535,926


Patent No. 10,535,926
Issue Date January 14, 2020
Title Antenna And Antenna Module Comprising The Same
Inventorship Chang Hyun Lee, Gyeonggi-do (KR)
Assignee Tyco Electronics AMP Korea Co., Ltd., Gyeongsan (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,535,926

1. An antenna module comprising:an antenna exhibiting the same shape at least twice in response to a 360-degree rotation based on a single virtual line and comprising a planar radiator and a plurality of conductive legs connected to the planar radiator; and
a substrate comprising:
(a) a plurality of pads:
(1) in an alignment of two rows and three columns,
(2) with each pad corresponding to one of the conductive legs of the antenna,
(3) with each pad having one signal pad at the center of the plurality of pads that supplies current through one conductive leg,
(4) with one ground pad on a first side of the one signal pad connected to one conductive leg and in the first row of the alignment, and
(5) with a second ground pad on a second side of the at least one signal pad opposite from the first ground pad and in the second row of the alignment, and
(b) a fixing fixed to one of the plurality of conductive legs pad at the center of the first row of the alignment.