US Patent No. 10,533,730


Patent No. 10,533,730
Issue Date January 14, 2020
Title Illumination Apparatus
Inventorship Jonathan Harrold, Upper Heyford (GB)
Graham J. Woodgate, Henley-on-Thames (GB)
Assignee Optovate Limited, Hemel Hempstead (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,533,730

1. A method for manufacturing an illumination apparatus, the method comprising:filling a container with a liquid and diced LEDs;
providing a substrate within the container, the substrate having an array of adhesive regions interspersed by non-adhesive regions formed on a surface of the substrate; and
self-assembling, by the LEDs, onto the adhesive regions by means of adhesion between the LEDs and the adhesive regions.