US Patent No. 10,528,357


Patent No. 10,528,357
Issue Date January 07, 2020
Title Web-based Recorder Configuration Utility
Inventorship Daniel J. Cunningham, Sarasota, FL (US)
Todd R. White, Lakewood Ranch, FL (US)
Assignee L3 TECHNOLOGIES, INC., New York, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,528,357

1. A method for identifying a data recorder having a first operational configuration of at least one of hardware components and software components, comprising:receiving, by a processing device, configuration information for changing the first operational configuration of the data recorder to a second operational configuration that is defined by a plurality of data recording input parameters and a configuration for each said data recording input parameters which is to be employed during use of the data recorder in a particular data recording application;
transforming, by the processing device, the configuration information in accordance with a pre-defined encoding scheme;
using a signature generating algorithm to generate with said processing device a unique signature for said data recorder, the unique signature comprising a code which uniquely identifies the data recorder based on the configuration information which was previously transformed, wherein the configuration information is recoverable from the unique signature;
storing, on a memory of said data recorder, the unique signature; and
responsive to an input request, providing at least the unique signature to a user to facilitate unique identification of the data recorder and the configuration information.