US Patent No. 10,518,566


Patent No. 10,518,566
Issue Date December 31, 2019
Title Curing Calibrations
Inventorship Eyal Kotik, Netanya (IL)
Alon Levin, Netanya (IL)
Assignee HP SCITEX LTD., Netanya (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,518,566

1. A printing system comprising:a print engine disposed at a first location in a print path of the printing system;
a curing engine disposed at a second location in the print path; and
a controller coupled to the print engine and the curing engine, the controller to:
control the print engine to generate an uncured calibration image, and
control the curing engine to cure the uncured calibration image to generate a cured calibration image,
wherein the curing engine comprises a plurality of curing energy source modules and each of the curing energy source modules to be driven with varying power level settings across the uncured calibration image to generate correspondingly varied image characteristics in the cured calibration image.