US Patent No. 10,512,195


Patent No. 10,512,195
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Server Device With Capacitive Circuit
Inventorship John P Franz, Houston, TX (US)
Tahir Cader, Liberty Lake, WA (US)
Assignee Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP, Houston, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,512,195

1. A system, comprising:a server device including:
a printed circuit assembly (PCA) that includes electronic components;
a capacitive liquid detection circuit that is located on the PCA and surrounds at least one of the electronic components to detect a presence of liquid on the PCA; and
a baseboard management controller unit (BMC);
wherein the capacitive liquid detection circuit is to notify the BMC responsive to detecting the presence of liquid, and
the BCM is to send a signal to a computing device responsive to being notified by the capacitive liquid detection circuit.