US Patent No. 10,512,125


Patent No. 10,512,125
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Mounting Table And Substrate Processing Apparatus
Inventorship Dai Kitagawa, Miyagi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,512,125

1. A mounting table comprising:a ceramic body;
a heater provided in the ceramic body;
a base including a support surface that supports the ceramic body, wherein the base further includes a space for accommodating a temperature sensor, and the space is at least at the support surface; and
a heat transfer body comprising a first end and a second end and extending from the first end to the second end, and wherein the first end is located in the ceramic body and the second end is positioned above the space and located closer to the space than the first end, the heat transfer body having a heat conductivity that is higher than that of the ceramic body around the heat transfer body,
wherein the ceramic body includes:
a first ceramic layer provided on the support surface via an adhesive; and
a second ceramic layer provided on the first ceramic layer,
the heater is provided in the second ceramic layer,
the heat transfer body is provided in the first ceramic layer and has a heat conductivity higher than a heat conductivity of the first ceramic layer,
wherein the first ceramic layer includes a first surface disposed on the second ceramic layer, and a second surface disposed on a side opposite to the first surface, and
the first end of the heat transfer body abuts a boundary surface between the first ceramic layer and the second ceramic layer, and the second end of the heat transfer body is flush with the second surface of the first ceramic layer.