US Patent No. 10,512,033


Patent No. 10,512,033
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Timing Information For Discovery In Unlicensed Spectrum
Inventorship Srinivas Yerramalli, San Diego, CA (US)
Tao Luo, San Diego, CA (US)
Aleksandar Damnjanovic, Del Mar, CA (US)
Peter Gaal, San Diego, CA (US)
Assignee QUALCOMM Incorporated, San Diego, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,512,033

1. A method for wireless communications, comprising:monitoring, at a user equipment (UE) over an unlicensed radio frequency spectrum band, for a discovery signal from a network entity on a downlink control channel, wherein the discovery signal comprises a synchronization signal and an enhanced system information block (eSIB) comprising timing information corresponding to a non-periodic current subframe location of the network entity in at least one or more of a system information block 1 (SIB1), a system information block 2 (SIB2), or a master information block (MIB);
receiving the discovery signal during a subframe from the network entity;
determining the non-periodic current subframe location of the network entity based on the discovery signal; and
demodulating the downlink control channel based on the non-periodic current subframe location.