US Patent No. 10,511,945


Patent No. 10,511,945
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Bicycle Communication Device And Pairing Method
Inventorship Takaya Masuda, Osaka (JP)
Takafumi Suzuki, Osaka (JP)
Assignee Shimano Inc., Osaka (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,511,945

1. A bicycle communication device comprising:a communicator communicable with a bicycle electric component and a bicycle operation unit, the bicycle electric component including a drive unit;
a memory that stores information related to the bicycle operation unit; and
a base that includes the communicator and the memory, the base being configured to be selectively attached one at a time to the bicycle operation unit and the bicycle electric component in a removable manner,
in a state where the communicator is located in a predetermined range that is within thirty centimeters from the bicycle electric component, the communicator automatically inputting the information related to the bicycle operation unit to the bicycle electric component so that the bicycle operation unit is paired with the bicycle electric component.