US Patent No. 10,511,930


Patent No. 10,511,930
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Real-time Location Smart Speaker Notification System
Inventorship Karuppiah Annamalai, Newtown, PA (US)
Assignee CenTrak, Inc., Newtown, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,511,930

1. A system for presenting a notification for playback at a smart speaker device, the system comprising:a real-time location (RTL) server configured to communicate with a backbone network;
a base station configured to transmit a signal including an identifier of the base station to a portable device, the portable device configured to transmit an output signal including a portable device ID representative of the portable device to at least one radio frequency network access point (RF-NAP);
wherein the output signal of the portable device includes the identifier of the base station combined with the portable device ID, defining a combined ID signal; and
wherein the at least one RF-NAP communicates via the backbone network to the RTL server and a notification server;
the notification server configured to associate the notification with the portable device ID, and at least one of generate, store, distribute, cue and present for playback the notification based on the portable device ID; and
a smart speaker device configured to communicate with the base station and the RF-NAP to receive communication from the notification server, the smart speaker device is associated with a location,
wherein the RTL server is configured to determine the location and an identity of the portable device based on receiving the combined ID signal from the portable device, and
wherein the notification server is configured to cue the associated notification for playback at the smart speaker device based on the determined location of the portable device.