US Patent No. 10,510,664


Patent No. 10,510,664
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Contact Structure And Formation Thereof
Inventorship Hong-Mao Lee, Hsinchu (TW)
Huicheng Chang, Tainan (TW)
Chia-Han Lai, Zhubei (TW)
Chi-Hsuan Ni, Chupei (TW)
Cheng-Tung Lin, Jhudong Township (TW)
Huang-Yi Huang, Hsin-chu (TW)
Chi-Yuan Chen, Hsinchu (TW)
Li-Ting Wang, Hsinchu (TW)
Teng-Chun Tsai, Hsinchu (TW)
Wei-Jung Lin, Hsinchu (TW)
Assignee Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Hsin-Chu (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,510,664

19. A semiconductor device, comprising:a silicide;
a metal layer;
a first dielectric layer;
a glue layer in contact with the silicide, wherein the first dielectric layer is between the metal layer and the glue layer; and
a cobalt plug over the silicide, wherein the glue layer is between the silicide and the cobalt plug and between the first dielectric layer and the cobalt plug.