US Patent No. 10,510,044


Patent No. 10,510,044
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Project Management System Providing Digital Form-based Inspections In The Field
Inventorship Andrei Lavrov, Chevy Chase, MD (US)
Anatoliy Tishin, Reston, VA (US)
Patricia Remacle, Reston, VA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,510,044

1. A system comprising:a communication interface;
a scanning interface configured to receive a scanned version of an inspection form for a field inspection;
a memory; and
a processor in communication with the memory, the scanning interface, and the communication interface;
the memory having stored therein:
the scanned version obtained from the scanning interface; and
an inspection management module for execution by the processor, the inspection management module configured to:
transform the scanned version into an interactive digital representation of the scanned version, the interactive digital representation comprising:
a linear form view of the inspection form comprising a list of questions and answer fields; and
a layout replicated view of the inspection form that is replicated from the inspection form and displayable in a graphical view to preserve a look and layout of the inspection form in its original paper-based form;
store the interactive digital representation in an inspection template library;
provide the interactive digital representation comprising the linear form view and the layout replicated view to a remote device for use during the field inspection through the communication interface, wherein the interactive digital representation is configured to be displayed and toggled between the linear form view and the layout replicated view based on a user selection on the remote device;
receive the interactive digital representation including inspection data that was used to complete the interactive digital representation during the field inspection using at least one of the linear form view or the layout replicated view through the communication interface;
separate the inspection data from the interactive digital representation; and
store the inspection data in an inspection layer in an inspection transaction library separate from the interactive digital representation in the inspection template library, where:
the inspection transaction library comprises individual inspection transaction layers, each corresponding to inspection data generated during a different inspection, and
the individual inspection transaction layers are configured to be overlaid on a single instance of at least one of the linear form view or the layout replicated view.