US Patent No. 10,508,459


Patent No. 10,508,459
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Tip-over Post
Inventorship Nathan Milton Sargent, Heber City, UT (US)
Kynan Dee Wynne, Heber City, UT (US)
Tyson Matheson Munford, Heber City, UT (US)
Joshua Paul Adam, Heber City, UT (US)
Braxton Tyler Schindler, Heber City, UT (US)
Assignee Rooftop Anchor, Inc., Heber City, UT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,508,459

1. A tip over post for arresting a fall, comprising:a stanchion comprising:
an annular cylinder, the annular cylinder comprising a number of helical cuts defined along the longitudinal axis of the cylinder;
an anchor loop coupled to the stanchion;
a top cap; and
a first bolt threaded into the top cap via a top cap bolt head defined within the top cap, the first bolt coupling the anchor loop to the stanchion.