US Patent No. 10,507,829


Patent No. 10,507,829
Issue Date December 17, 2019
Title Systems And Methods For Hazard Mitigation
Inventorship David E. Newman, Poway, CA (US)
R. Kemp Massengill, Palos Verdes, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,507,829

1. A system for avoiding or minimizing the harm of a collision between a subject vehicle and a second vehicle, comprising:a first processor configured to determine whether the subject vehicle will collide with the second vehicle when no evasive actions are taken;
a second processor configured to calculate future trajectories of the subject and second vehicles according to respective sequences of actions, each action comprising an acceleration or a deceleration or a steering action or a waiting time;
a third processor configured to implement one of the respective sequences of actions based on the future trajectories calculated by the second processor, the implemented sequence of actions projected to avoid the collision;
a fourth processor configured to calculate the expected harm associated with the collision according to one or more of the sequences of actions based on the future trajectories calculated by the second processor; and
a fifth processor configured to implement a particular one of the sequences of actions, calculated by the fourth processor, that is projected to minimize the harm of the collision;
wherein the first through fifth processors are implemented on a single processing element or on multiple processing elements; and
wherein the sequences of actions are determined and calculated by the second processor and the expected harm is calculated by the fourth processor before the sequences of actions are implemented by the third or fifth processor.